Meet Nicole


Nicole Parente

Sales Associate and Realtor®

We owe you a tremendous belated but no less heartfelt thank you. While it was a busy summer moving in we just kept marveling over and over again at how much we love our new home and how wonderful you were in making it all happen for us. Never having sold a house before, and with very little experience in purchasing one you, from the moment we met put us at ease and made us feel comfortable with every asp...

— Bridget & Sean

Simply put, honest people bright as can be faithful and loyal always under all circumstances willing to help. Highest recommendation possible.

— Bob L.

Nicole was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout our search for a new home. She was prompt, cheerful, helpful, and would go above and beyond, always. Her extensive knowledge of all of the ins and outs of this process was impressive, giving us an edge and helping us find and close on our new home. We look forward to having her represent us when we list our existing home for sale soon! A friend reco...

— Annie

Nicole makes the home buying process easy and efficient! She is an absolute pleasure to work with by answering calls and answering questions efficiently! She works to give her clients the best deal by being in their corner every step of the way with her outstanding work ethic and customer service. Nicole is the only realtor to consider if you are buying or selling in Rhode Island!

— Alannah O'Rourke

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