The Creative Edge | Edge Sponsors Audrain's Cars & Coffee 2024


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The Creative Edge | Edge Sponsors Audrain's Cars & Coffee 2024

What: Edge Realty Sponsors Audrain’s Cars & Coffee 2024

When: Sundays, please see the schedule below for Edge-sponsored days.

Audrain Cars & Coffee 2024

Audrain is humbled that the Cars & Coffee events have grown exponentially since they started hosting them eight years ago, they have come a long way from 52 cars at their first event! They are thrilled to have seen their Cars & Coffee family expand, now consistently seeing 350-400 cars on the field and more than 1,000 at their Motor Week event. They feel that Cars & Coffee is now the backbone of The Audrain and the local car community as well and cannot wait to see you all again for yet another season!

Reminders for the Events

For Audrain Members, registration will open the Monday before each of the Cars & Coffee events and public registration will open on the Wednesday before each of the Cars & Coffee events. In order to register for one of the Cars & Coffee events, you must be subscribed to their email list.

You cannot register for any of the Cars & Coffee events through our website or over the phone. 

Only VEHICLES are required to register for the event. Guests of drivers, and spectators do not need to register.

Absolutely no unnecessary engine revving, burnouts or loud noises. Please be respectful of our venues and the surrounding neighborhoods!

Cars & Coffee VIP 2024 Season

The Audrain is strongly committed to delivering Cars & Coffee events at no cost to our community, as it not only serves to bring a widely varied demographic of age, gender, and socio-economic range, building relationships like few other events are able to. Though as our events have grown significantly through the years, our costs have risen as well; our staff requirements as well as costs to secure the locations we all have come to love have increased as well.

As a C&C VIP, you receive:

  • Guaranteed parking at all events- No worry about signing up- just confirm you’re attending
  • Audrain Cars & Coffee VIP sticker that allows you to skip the waiting line
  • Early Access to all events- Your spot is saved if you arrive late
  • Limited edition Audrain Cars & Coffee VIP Coffee Mug + free coffee at all events
  • Limited edition Audrain Cars & Coffee VIP Hat

Edge Sponsored Dates

May 26, 2024 - Audrain Park Place
June 9, 2024 - Mcauley Hall, Salve Regina
June 16, 2024 - Newport Mansion TBD
August 4, 2024 - Audrain Park Place
August 11, 2024 - Park and Picnic - 6pm to 8pm , Fort Adams
August 18, - Newport Mansion TBD
September 15, 2024 - Newport Polo Grounds
September 29, 2024 - Fort Adams State Park

Taken from the Cars & Coffee

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