“A Celebration of Color” featuring local artists Lisle Ann Jackson and Helen Roy


“A Celebration of Color” featuring local artists Lisle Ann Jackson and Helen Roy

The Westerly Library presents their June Show in the Hoxie Gallery: “A Celebration of Color” featuring local artists Lisle Ann Jackson and Helen Roy. 

WHEN:  On view from Wednesday, June 1st through Friday, July 1st.

The Hoxie Gallery is open for viewing during the Westerly Library Hours.

Mon. - Thurs. 9am to 8pm, Fri. 9 am to 6pm, Sat. 9am to 4pm, CLOSED SUNDAY

Meet The Artists Wednesday, July 1st from 5-7p

Artists Lisle Ann Jackson and Helen Roy are very pleased to be returning to The Hoxie Gallery this June as Westerly Library & Wilcox Park celebrate their 130th year.  They are thrilled to have their show, “A Celebration of Color,” be a part of honoring the Westerly Library & Wilcox Park, a local treasure. Artists Jackson and Roy are juried members of the Westerly Cooperative Gallery of Westerly, located in the Westerly Train Station, who both take pleasure in creating colorful art that is inspired by the world around them. Please join Lisle Ann Jackson and Helen Roy for an opportunity to meet the artists on Wednesday, June 1st from 5-7 at the Hoxie Gallery in the Westerly Library. 


Lisle Ann Jackson is a retired Mental Health Counselor who now has time to indulge her passion for creating images. She considers herself a "Painterly photographer" because she uses her photographic device (currently a cell phone) instead of a brush to create the art she desires. Ms. Jackson believes her best artistic gift is her ability to see and capture images in a fairly unique way. She has often been told she has a, "good eye." 


Jackson delights in creating colorful works that make the viewer question, “what is that?” and her favorite comment has been, “you see the beauty in everything.”  Her favorite subjects are often found outdoors in nature: flowers, the sea and wood.  She has a love for faces and sees them everywhere, especially in nature and wood. 


Helen Roy is a self-taught artist and educator living in Westerly, Rhode Island.  She considers herself fortunate to have had the opportunity to fall in love with painting after 30 years as a Learning Disabilities Specialist. Her journey to becoming an artist began in the summer of 2015 when an important creative person in her life was going through a very challenging time and Roy purchased painting supplies to encourage creativity and lift her spirits.  The materials sat for a few weeks until Roy decided she would pick up a paintbrush herself, hoping her actions would encourage her loved one to paint.  That moment started her in a direction that she never anticipated.  


Roy recognizes that the first reaction to visual art is what is seen but believes the most important response is how a painting makes the viewer feel.  Does the piece give you joy, warm your heart, or make you smile and feel positive?  Those are the emotions and uplifting energies Roy tries to evoke in her work.  Her hope being that a colorful vibrant painting can transform a down or dark emotion.  Her palette is often dominated by the soothing colors one observes watching the sun set over the ocean: especially blues, greens, yellows, corals, pinks, and lavenders.  Roy’s mediums are acrylic, oil and cold wax & oil.  Some of her work consists of clean lines and geometric shapes, while other pieces are abstract seascapes or non-representational.  Her latest adventure is colorful Caldwell inspired mobiles, focusing on color and movement. She creates her mobiles with wood in both nonrepresentational and representational styles. 


The Hoxie Gallery, named after William D. and Lavinia B. Hoxie, is a public art gallery located in the Westerly Library that generally displays the work of local area artists. In keeping with the overall mission of the Westerly Memorial and Library Association, the gallery offers art exhibits to the community by providing exhibit space for area artists. Each exhibit is booked for the period of one month. 

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