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Follow These 5 Tips to Find Your Perfect Narragansett Neighborhood

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Follow These 5 Tips to Find Your Perfect Narragansett Neighborhood

Buying a home can be stressful enough, so you must be sure about your decision. Although you may have found the perfect home, understanding the neighborhood can make or break any property. Here are five tips to help you find the ideal Narragansett neighborhood.

1. Narrow down your search

Before searching for homes for sale in Narragansett, chances are you made a list of what you wanted and needed out of the house. Making a list of needs for a neighborhood is just as important as it can help you narrow your search. Consider your reasons for moving, whether to retire, work, or raise a family. Then think about what you might need from a location, like nearby schools, a short commute time, or quiet neighbors on the weekends.

Also, factor in your personal preferences when picking out a neighborhood. Think about whether you want to be friends with the neighbors or you’d prefer more privacy, if you want to live closer to the city or out in the suburbs, and what types of amenities match your lifestyle and interests. Listing these things out will clarify your search.

2. Understand the financial components

There are a lot of logistics that come with searching for and moving into Narragansett real estate, and one of them is understanding financial components like property values and taxes. Moving into a home is an investment, so to make sure you make the best decision, search the value of your property and properties in the neighborhood. Also, check out how property taxes differ between the new and your current community, so you know what to expect.

Another factor to consider is the cost of living in your neighborhood. Even if it isn’t an issue of moving, it’s still helpful to know what type of difference in expenses to expect when you make a move. And factor in any prices of possible HOAs and the kinds of rules you’d have to follow if you live in a neighborhood with one.

3. Look online and ask for help

Searches for homes for sale in Narragansett often begin online, and there’s no reason why a neighborhood search can’t start there as well. Search for information online for basic information about the area. There are also review sites online written by residents of specific neighborhoods, which is an excellent resource for understanding more precise details of the neighborhood’s environment.

You can also use online tools like Google Maps to quickly type in the address and explore what’s around the area. This is also a great way to map commute times and routes to regions like schools, grocery stores, and entertainment areas. Or search for local online communities and participate in forums to get answers to particular questions, as well as insights not available from a map or review.

Another resource to search for online is a real estate agent. Searching through reviews and working with a local real estate agent is a great way to understand the area. They have the information available to tell you about a neighborhood’s environment and amenities and answer any questions you have. They’ll also save you hours of research time that can be used to visit the area and weigh different options. An agent can evaluate your needs and find more neighborhoods that would be a good fit based on previous options or preferences.

4. Scope out the area in person

Perhaps the most critical part of finding a neighborhood is visiting it in person. If you’re able, visit the neighborhood at different times of the day to understand its rhythms. What is the area like at rush hour or on a Sunday morning? After buying a home like those available in Narragansett real estate, you’ll be a full-time neighborhood resident. It’s best to understand what the area is like early on.

If you encounter anyone walking through the neighborhood, ask about life in the area. They’ll have something valuable to say or reaffirm your feelings about the community. Also, note the traffic and balance that against your commute to work and the noise level of the property.

Once you’ve thought about what’s in the neighborhood, consider what’s around the area. Search out how far or close you are from schools for any children, grocery stores, activity centers or restaurants, and shopping centers. Also, map out where essential services like the hospital, car repair shops, doctors, and vets are from your home. When selecting homes for sale in Narragansett, the long or short drive to these areas will be permanent.

5. Figure out the neighborhood’s future

Although last on the list, understanding the neighborhood's future is essential in deciding whether or not to settle in the location. You can find out plans for development through the local Chamber of Commerce or the City Hall to better understand what the area will look like five or 10 years out.

Future development like road construction can increase traffic and noise around your property, negatively affecting your lifestyle and home value. And constructing other houses or buildings can destroy surrounding nature or backyard views. Knowing plans can help you avoid or prepare for any obstacles you may face when deciding what neighborhood to live in.

Ready to find the perfect neighborhood?

With these five tips, you’re ready to begin the search by looking for your perfect Narragansett neighborhood. With help finding Narragansett real estate that meets your needs, contact one of the experienced agents at Edge Realty RI to guide you through the process.

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