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What: SeaMist Medical Spa Grand Reopening

When: June 14, 2023

Where: 155 Main Street | Wakefield, RI

It seems like it was just yesterday that Edge Realty sold 155 Main Street in Wakefield RI to SeaMist Medical & Wellness Spa owner, Dr. Mary-Christina Simpson. Though, months have passed, and Dr. Simpson and her crew of magicians have transformed the office space into a glistening new oasis for cosmetic artistry and wellness. 

This past Wednesday, SeaMist opened their new doors and welcomed clients, family and friends at their Grand Re-Opening party, which we at Edge were fortunate enough to attend. 

The event was a hit- new and old clients came to visit and check out the new and improved property at 155 Main Street. As we all explored the new place, we enjoyed learning about their treatments and services that SeaMist was offering. 

Having champagne was not the only win of the night- the medical spa gave away prizes to the winners who attended the open-invite event. The lucky group went home knowing that when they return, they will be receiving luxury treatment with the kindest, most accommodating staff (at a discounted price, too!)

That is not all; attendees were given the grand reopening special promo prices. This included 50-150 dollar discounts on gift cards that can be redeemed at any time, as well as a Skincare Kit that retails for $99.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to VIP treatment for your VIS (Very Important Skin!), visit the SeaMist Medical Spa in Wakefield today- you deserve it!

Oh, and don’t forget to mention that your friends at Edge Realty sent you, of course!

We’re incredibly happy to have helped SeaMist find their new home, and wish them all the best with their continuous success.

Scroll through to see some photos our agents took while checking out the place!

Additionally, if your company is looking to buy in Rhode Island, Connecticut, or Massachusetts, give us a call today to see how we can help you find the best there is.

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