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What: Epic Troll Exhibit Adding Art to Beautiful Charlestown Park

Where: Ninigret Park | Charlestown, RI

When: Summer 2024

If you see giant trolls in Rhode Island next summer, there's no need to be afraid. They are going to be part of a new art exhibit the South County Tourism Council is super excited about.

As if Charlestown's Ninigret Park wasn't amazing enough on its own, world-renowned "Recycling Art Activist" Thomas Dambo is bringing something even more incredible to this beloved natural landscape.

Towering trolls.

Dambo has been creating massive troll sculptures out of reclaimed materials all over the world for the last five years. Now he is installing his first wooden giants in the Ocean State with a newly commissioned art exhibit throughout Ninigret Park.

The 227-acre park on Park Lane in Charlestown already features a state-of-the-art playground, a frisbee golf course, dog park, swimming pond, a bike course and more. Now all of those areas could feature a larger-than-life troll, too.

According to Faye Pantazopoulos, creative director for the South County Tourism Council, Dambo and "his team are coming in May to scout the location(s) and talk about logistics and timeline."

She added that the exhibit itself won't be fully installed until sometime in 2024.

Considering the size of the troll Dambo creates, it's no wonder these projects take some time. Many of the trolls tower nearly 20 feet tall and some are even used as bridges in other parks throughout the world.

There are trolls in Florida, Kentucky, Colorado, Tennessee, Maine, Wyoming, Ohio and Illinois as well as countries all over the globe. Keep scrolling to see some of these epic art pieces and get a taste of what magical monuments are coming our way.

See the Towering Trolls Coming to Rhode Island Soon

Artist Thomas Dambo is bringing his beloved Troll sculptures to Rhode Island in 2024. Here's a sneak peek at what these new Trolls in Ninigret Park could look like based on other amazing sculptures already wowing art lovers around the world.

Taken from 1420 WBSM

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