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What: Lumina Light Festival

Where: 195 District Park | Providence, RI

When: February 2-20, 2024

Lumina, a month-long light festival in Downtown Providence from Jan. 19 to Feb. 20, showcases a contemporary ice palace adorned with 25 towering prisms by Quartier des Spectacles International. Standing over 6 feet tall, each prism mesmerizes with a vivid array of colors through diachronic panels, engaging with ambient light and diverse viewer perspectives. The festival features performances, engaging programs and captivating tours from 195 District Park to Bank Newport City Center via Dorrance St. The central attraction, Prismatica by QDSI from Montreal, bathes 195 District Park in enchanting light, transforming the downtown into an imaginative playground. 

The weekend of Jan. 26 & 27 offers a variety of activities, including a light-up parade, food trucks, local beers, family-centric programs and a sauna on wheels. Le Libre Patin, a Montreal contemporary skating company performance, will have a contemporary skating dance at the Providence Rink, with a skating party to follow. Enjoy surprises including hot chocolate scavenger hunts, drink specials, performances and more!

Taken from Visit Rhode Island

More on Prismatica

A modern ice palace

This participatory installation comprises 50 pivoting prisms more than 2 metres tall. Each prism is made of panels covered by a dichronic membrane that reflects a rainbow of colours, which shift depending on the ambient lighting and the viewer’s perspective. The prisms are mounted on bases and fitted with projectors that give the installation a new dimension after nightfall. As the prisms rotate, chimes play music at different volumes.

Technical features

Quantity: 25

Weight of each unit (base and prism): 720 lb (328 kg)

Footprint: between 5,356 sq. ft. (497 m2) and 18,688 sq. ft. (1,736 m2)

More on QDSI

Animate your public spaces with installations that fuel the imagination

QDSinternational is a not-for-profit organization that produces and distributes participatory installations for public spaces in collaboration with creative partners, co-producers and exhibitors around the world.

An affiliate of the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, QDSinternational benefits from a competence acquired over many years, thanks to the numerous works it has commissioned for North America’s largest cultural district, bringing inspiration to thousands of visitors. The organization’s expertise is reflected in its state-of-the-art processes for the design and production of robust, safe installations suitable for all ages and designed to travel anywhere in the world and in any season.

QDSinternational relies on a network of first-rate collaborators and technical service providers active in the international exhibition of public artworks and installations. These partners allow us to produce large-scale projects and offer turnkey options adapted to the needs and realities of each site.

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