Travel Tuesday | Stockholm, Sweden


Travel Tuesday

Travel Tuesday |  Stockholm, Sweden

Take a trip to Sweden; home of the Northern Lights and lush greenery.

Häradsvägen 37 | Stockholm, Sweden

In the middle of the Bjäre Peninsula, with proximity to both Båstad and Torekov, you will find this enchanting and unique property with beautiful natural elements such as beech and oak forests, ponds, and a babbling brook running through the plot. The well-planned park was designed by landscape architect Per Friberg and offers facilities such as a pool area with a gym and sauna, a grass court, tennis and boules courts. Neat gravel paths lead between the different parts, and in the small beech forest, there are pleasant walking trails and three bridges that cross the stream.

When you drive through the gates to the property, the main building, dating back to 1903 and in New England style, rises up and reflects beautifully in the pond in front of the courtyard. The house has a pleasant layout and offers plenty of space for a large family. The garden is fantastic with large bushes of rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, and other plants that change with the seasons. Along the back of the garden runs a beautiful stone wall that borders the beech forest, and in the front, there is a dreamlike rose garden for the gardening enthusiast to maintain. There is also a kitchen garden.

Several buildings are accommodated on the property, where both architect Gert Wingårdh and Wingårdh Arkitektbyrå have been involved in the design. The old mill building has been replaced by an extraordinary residence with a spa and a Japanese-inspired garden. The stable has been converted into a banquet hall, and the old sheep house has been replaced by a restaurant kitchen in a new building. The barn has been transformed into a five-room apartment with a kitchen next to nine guest rooms.

This property provides the opportunity to gather family and friends for everyday life, celebrations, and overnight stays, and is also suitable for those who wish to operate a business in a beautiful and secluded environment.

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